Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Cheque Printing functionality in Ax2009

Cheque Printing in Ax2009 is very simple.Already there are classes and reports available in Ax2009.
Just the matter is change the develop the new report(with the help of existing Cheque reports) and code in classes.
Create a new base enum in ChequeFormType(ex:HDFC)
List of classes for Cheque:
1.BankPrintTestCheque(for testing the layout of the cheque)
2.BankChequePrint(is the main class for 'Bank Cheque printing')
3.CustVendCheque(calles when vendor payment and customer payemnt->generate payment)
add the code whereever ChequeFormType enum is used :)-
dublicate the existing report 'Cheque_DK' and rename.
change the design as per the HDFC Bank layout.

Test ur cheque layout process:-
1. select a perticular bank a/c in bank details form under Bank Module.
2. Click setup button->cheque layout.
3. select cheque number as fixed.Select check form as 'HDFC' then click Print test button.
Note: before testing the print layout for hdfc bank need to develop a new report.

The same report is called when u print the report from the vendor payment journal :)-
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